Corredor Chapultepec


Chapultepec is the creative district of Guadalajara, known for its rapid growth and cultural significance.

The Association of Entrepreneurs and Tenants of Corredor Chapultepec is an initiative that arose around 2017 as a need to unite restaurants and merchants and the Guadalajara City Council. This Civil Association now supports the work of more than 2000 families in the Corredor Chapultepec area.

At the beginning of the project, we realized that our city's formation has led to the evolution and convergence of different ways of thinking, generating an urban change due to the new needs we demand, forming an essential part of our identity and legacy. This legacy is a critical part of the social construction of Guadalajara.

We developed a design model for Corredor Chapultepec based on the observation of needs and the implementation of strategic areas to establish its brand, image, and communication. We proposed a new economic model based on the environment and social context; a business strategy based on identity and participatory urbanism; branding and management of social networks that integrate the projected visions in a dynamic and purposeful way.

This research challenge, observation, and identity development focused on the diversity of ideologies and understanding neighborhoods' formation demand creating a new socio-economic model and a change in public policies.

Our approach is based on Chapultepec Avenue's identity and surroundings, of each of its buildings and architectural designs. They integrate history and the present to the city, a fundamental axis for recreation and public leisure, showing a diversity of expression and cultural manifestations. But, to continue generating a future, it's necessary to continue evolving and creating participatory urbanism that builds and appropriates a new experience and history for the next generations of Guadalajara.

There's an essential economic spill for the city in Corredor Chapultepec, derived from the various products and services offered in the area. Communicating and establishing social, political, and economic ties is essential for the development of projects today.